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The Essential Steps to Land Planning and Development

Cities, towns, and semi-urban areas all first take shape on a drawing table of an urban planner and developer. Complex as they are, planning urban spaces is majorly a technical process with political and socio-economic discussions driving it forward. The process is centered around developing and designing land use and the built environment around it which includes access to basic needs like water, air, transport, communication, and more.

A planning and development practice generally follows a very straightforward process of first planning the physical layout of residential settlements with public welfare as the focus. The planning involves strategy around everyday needs like transport, sanitation, network distribution, efficiency, and how a settlement will affect the socio-economic development of the area. However, before all of this is one of the most crucial steps in planning: the site itself. Having a site plan is vital as only then the planners can build on it and work on strategizing a development plan.

Making a site plan is quite a process in itself and involves many services. Here are a few of the many services that Mills, Short & Associates offers to aid the process:

1. Surveying the land and its boundaries

Boundary surveys give a much needed idea of the scope of the work that the project requires. Armed with the professional site surveyors and latest equipment and technologies lead the land boundary surveys with field professionals.

2. Focused mapping

Specialized mapping allows for a detailed land survey of geographically complex terrains without leaving out any part of it. Equipment that is ready to go with professionals who are adept at operating them are some of the services we offer if the client should need them.

3. Site plans

Site plans are a vital step of the project that also make the whole project real in the sense that it contributes a tangible aspect to the project by providing a plan on paper. Complex site plans involve site history, boundary lines, geology, landscape drawings and in hyper-urban settings traffic flows with ground conditions.

4. Construction services

Once the site surveying is complete and site plans in place, the next step is for construction services to step in in what is most often the most elaborate part of the project. The staff at Mills, Short, and Associates with field and equipment professionals and project managers to lead and oversee projects.

All these services and more make the process of land planning and development very efficient and smooth. Our professionals are trained to handle the most complex of projects and prepared to deal with any bumps along the way.

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